How To Scooter

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By: Casey Salmeron-Sandoval, Journalist

Scooters tricks are fun and sort off easy. It just takes time and practice, some tricks you should try when you are begging to ride are bunny hops, j hop and barspins and bunny hop is when you left both wheels on the ground at once. A j hoop is when you left the front end of the scooter first and then the back but both wheels should be off the ground at once. A barspin is when you combine a bunny hop and a barspin which is called a barspin. A barspin  is when you do your bunny hop and you spin your bars rapidly all in one go.

Scooter tips you should know. You should not get an expensive scooter when you start off because you might start off and might not like it. Make sure your scooter makes no noise and has any problems, make sure you are comfortable. DON’T start off with any crazy tricks, start off with a bunny hop or a j hop.

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DON’T start off with any crazy tricks, start off with a bunny hop or a j hop.

Scooters you should start off with. The amazon typer scooter, this scooter is a very good scooter it comes in a lot of colors and it is very smooth and light. the razor scooter, the razor scooter is a begging scooter it is like the scooter you get when your five, this is a good way to see if you like scootering.

The mongoose target scooter this scooter is 80 dollars and is is very reliable the only really bad thing about this scooter is that you might have it for awhile and all the bolts fo the scooter will start getting loose.


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