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Today is officially our last post! We will put all of our posts onto this one post to try and replicate a guide or instruction manual. 1. Determine Roles You and your group should determine each...

#ALPHABOARD - Testing the Skateboard

#ALPHABOARD – Testing the Skateboard

Today we tested the electric skateboard outside on the basketball court. We realized the motor couldn't handle the weight of a human being on the skateboard. Although, if there is no one on the skateboard,...

#ALPHABOARD – Assembling The Board

By: Annie Carstater, Journalist

Today, we attached the velcro to the skateboard to hold the materials in place. After testing the skateboard, we ran into another problem. We found out that the belt for the motor is too big. To combat...

#ALPHABOARD - Attaching The Gear To The Motor

#ALPHABOARD – Attaching The Gear To The Motor

Today, we are trying to create divots into the motor so that the gear can stay put while the motor is in motion. We used a drill, but that wasn't effective enough so we switched to a dremel. After using...

#ALPHABOARD - Working On The Wheels

#ALPHABOARD – Working On The Wheels

Today, we worked on putting more spacers on the wheel that will eventually attach to the motor mount. A team member is also programming a box to protect the battery and ESC.  We are also working on attaching...

#ALPHABOARD - Drilling and Designing

#ALPHABOARD – Drilling and Designing

Today we are drilling the hole in the truck to secure the motor in place. We are also still designing our container to hold all the parts onto the board. We drilled the holes in the truck and have attached...

#ALPHABOARD - Assembling The Pieces

#ALPHABOARD – Assembling The Pieces

Today we are reassembling the truck to put back onto the skateboard. We also fixed the issue with the wheel and gear. We are also brainstorming ideas on how we should attach the materials onto the board...

#ALPHABOARD - Continued Work

#ALPHABOARD – Continued Work

Today we continued to drummel the truck so that the motor mount will fit on. We also worked on removing the inner parts of the wheel so that the gear will fit with the wheel.



Today we put the motor, the ESC, and the battery all together! It worked! We also had to trim parts off the wheel, working further on what we did last post. We...

#ALPHABOARD - Cutting The Wheel

#ALPHABOARD – Cutting The Wheel

Today, we cut off some of the inner parts of the wheels. We have to adjust so that our motor mount can be put onto the truck of our skateboard. Before After

#ALPHABOARD - Received Our Materials

#ALPHABOARD – Received Our Materials

Today we received our battery, wheels, and battery adapter. The wheels that we ordered have holes in them, so we can fit the sprocket into the wheels now. We are working on putting the wheels onto the...

The Swimmo Watch

The Swimmo Watch

Many swimmers face the problem of not being able to track their fitness while underwater. Some companies do make their fitness watches waterproof, but only up to a certain time or distance. The Swimmo...

Food Machines at College

Food Machines at College

Have you ever skipped a meal because you didn't have the time to eat? Many college students suffer from this problem. It could be from oversleeping, having to much homework, or having to work to make...

Microbots That Can Navigate Human Blood Cells

Microbots That Can Navigate Human Blood Cells

A team of researchers created a new invention that could help many people around the world. Their new invention is a microbot. This tiny build can do more than tiny things. It can navigate your blood...

The Unsinkable Metal Using Ants and Spiders

The Unsinkable Metal Using Ants and Spiders

Imagine having a boat made out of unsinkable metal. No matter how many punctures the metal structure suffered, it would still float. Now imagine how much that could help thousands of people from drowning...

Can Dogs Tell If Youre Happy or Sad?

Can Dogs Tell If You’re Happy or Sad?

Have you ever wondered if your dog could tell when you were happy or sad? If they could register emotions that humans can on a basic level? The answer is yes. A study proves that on some level, dogs can...

The Origin of Halloween

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween is an extremely popular holiday. Over 175 million Americans participated in at least one Halloween tradition, but have you ever wondered when the tradition of Halloween start? Halloween may...

Why is Swimming the Best Sport?

Why is Swimming the Best Sport?

Swimming is one of the best sports you can do. It exercises your cardio-respiratory health, your muscular endurance, and it tests your flexibility. Here are some reasons why you should swim. Swimming...

#ALPHABOARD - Ordering New Wheels

#ALPHABOARD – Ordering New Wheels

When trying to fit the sprocket (the gear like part of the motor mount)into the wheel, we realized that the first hole we made was slightly off center, so we couldn't continue with these wheels. We are...

#ALPHABOARD - Worked on the Wheels

#ALPHABOARD – Worked on the Wheels

Today we tried attaching the spoke, that goes with the motor mount, to the wheel. We had some difficulties and we are going to have to order new wheels. We also ordered a battery today. This is what...

Why Should You Wear a Swim Cap?

Why Should You Wear a Swim Cap?

Many swimmers use swim caps, especially girls, to keep hair out of their faces. But, did you know that swim caps have more than one purpose? Swim caps are designed to be multi-purpose. They were originally...

#ALPHABOARD - Used the Drummel

#ALPHABOARD – Used the Drummel

Today we spent the class taking turns using the drummel to sand down the truck so that we can attach the motor mount, wheel, and gear later. We had some problems using the drummel, but we have made some...

#ALPHABOARD - Testing the ESC

#ALPHABOARD – Testing the ESC

Today we got the battery and connected it to the ESC. When we pressed the on/off button, it worked! We also worked on figuring out which wire on the motor connects to the other wires on the ESC. We also...

#ALPHABOARD - Worked on Building

#ALPHABOARD – Worked on Building

Today we put batteries in the remote, but we had to use the drill press to get to the battery panel. We also tried connecting the remote the ESC and the receiver. Syncing the remote to the ESC and...

#ALPHABOARD - Started Building

#ALPHABOARD – Started Building

Today we laid out the pieces we already had to figure out which ones we would need to buy. We have most of the pieces, but we still have to order a battery, because the one we have doesn't fit with our...

#ALPHABOARD - Purchase Order

#ALPHABOARD – Purchase Order

Today cpsmesak brought in our skateboard. We cleaned it off and measured the wheels to make sure our motor mount would fit the wheels. We also worked on our purchase orders and tqsy drew out our plan...

#ALPHABOARD - Determined Roles

#ALPHABOARD – Determined Roles

Today we determined roles for each of the members in our group. tqsy is in charge of our purchase orders, cpsmesak is our team leader, and sw1m is in charge of writing the project posts. Today we also...

Can Dogs See Color?

Can Dogs See Color?

Many people think that dogs can only see in black and white. That is not true. Dogs can see shades of blue, yellow, and green. When these shades of colors are combined, dogs can see shades of grayish...

Man doing a flip turn in a pool

What Makes a “Fast Swimming Pool”? Among many swimmers, the phrases "fast pool" and "slow pool" are common. A fast pool is one where swimmers achieve some of their best times while swimming...

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