All We know About EAs Skate Game

Exiting news for EA skate fans!


By: Jackson Whitaker, Journalist

It has been about 10 years since the amazing game of skate 3 came out.  As a big fan of the game, even though skate 3 was fun, I always wanted a sequel. When all hope seemed lost, E3, on June 2020, announced another skate game by announcing to the fans, “You commented this into existence.”

It will come out on all consoles, and we could most likely see it in 2021, or if we’re lucky, in 2022. They are also using a new studio to make skate 4 called Full Circle. It will be a lot more community-based and have a lot more multiplayer and customization in it. As a long-time skate 3 fan, I’m going to say thank you EA, for once in my life.