Exway Flex Electric Skateboard Review


Image Source:
https://www.exwayboard.com promotional photo

Image Source: https://www.exwayboard.com promotional photo

By: Sina Farchtchi, Reporter

As the popularity in electric skateboards increases the demand has also gotten higher, and we are going to take a look at one of the newest electric skateboards the Exway Flex. The Exway Flex comes in at around $649 for the Hub Motors and $699 for the Riot Kit. This beats most competition because the prices are sub 700. Hub motors are motors that are incorporated into the hub of the wheel and therefore drive the wheels directly. Because the motor is connected to the wheel this means that you can not change the wheels that come with the board. The Riot Kit features Belt Motors which use a belt that is connected to the main motor that is then connected to the wheel. On the Riot Kit you can change the wheels to whatever compatible wheel you like. Belt motors come with more power than hub motors. The deck is made of fiberglass and bamboo, which is what gives the deck its flex over bumps on the road. The concave is just enough to firmly lock your feet in and give you excellent control of the board. The deck also has a layer of shock absorbing grip tape on the top for extra comfort and grip. The board goes a top speed of 25 mph and can reach a range of 20 miles. The braking is very good and stops in a comfortable about of time and sharpness. The board weighs 16.75 pounds and is very portable because of its size. The board is long enough to feel comfortable and secure while riding but is small enough to easily fit into a car or even carry. Overall the Exway flex is a very reliable budget board and is a great option if you want to get into electric skateboarding.