Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboards

By: Sereen Guirguis, Journalist

The motor

Board motor mounts are a unique part of  an electric skateboard, the board motor is solid, made from a really high-quality aluminum. They have two positions when adjusting. The amazing feature on motor mounts is that they have the ability to fit on belt covers. Not many motor mounts come with belt covers. Motors on a electric skateboards have an output of 150 watts. The motor has a sensor wire. The motor mount is attached to the motor, it is secured with screws. The skate board can go 38mph-30+ miles range.  When riding an electric skateboard, there is a remote to control your movements on the board.

Speed with an electric skateboard vs. a regular skateboard

An electric skateboard is just like any other regular one, just automatic and less work put into it. However, a normal skateboard is capable of reaching the electric skateboard high speed. It is just  difficult to handle the high amount of speed. Building up speed on an electric skateboard is much easier because the remote controls that. On a regular skateboard, you need as much momentum as possible to get to the speed you want depending on if you’re going down a down hill or an up hill.

How to ride an electric skateboard: