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Ukraine’s New ‘Drones-Proof’ Nanotech Cloak

Ukraine has a new nanotech cloak that’s designed to be drone-proof

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and this truism has never been truer than in the case of wargear. As reported by Inews, a Ukrainian material scientist has developed a new “invisibility cloak” known as “Phantom Skin” in response to a reported massacre in the town of Bucha by Russian forces.

The inventor didn’t want to be identified, but his new cloak has been spotted on the front line of Ukraine assisting in masking fire signatures for soldiers and equipment. The “cloak” is made of black plasticized material, with its outer texture likened to a camping tarp. The shield stops heat signals from being emitted by people and military devices, which will allow them to be missed by IR or thermal sensors.

By wearing a cage or shelter made of the “cloak,” soldiers are able to effectively avoid detection by quadcopter sensors. The ability to “hide” in plain sight offers huge advantages at a time when drones are constantly being deployed by both sides of the conflict. It’s good for concealing wounded soldiers or otherwise providing interesting options for vanguard units such as snipers.

The precise constitution of “Phantom Skin” is, predictably, confidential; however, it is acknowledged to encompass nanotechnology compounds, such as graphene, which possesses characteristics that can obscure or assimilate thermal imprints.

The “cloak” was not created independently; its development was supported by the Ukrainian military technology firm Spets Techno expert (STE). In some cases, Phantom Skin has not only been used to mask soldiers, but also to protect wounded soldiers from the “all-seeing” eyes of night vision cameras mounted on drones prior to evacuation from battlefields. The appreciation of the wounded warriors who have been saved due to the use of Phantom Skin is particularly noteworthy, an unnamed STE spokesperson told Inews.


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