China’s New Stealth Drone

Advancement Lies In Controlling Radar
Chinas New Stealth Drone

China Has Reinvented Drones

China’s CH-7 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) redefines modern warfare. With its structural capability along with a 15 kilometer air ceiling, the drone is scheduled to finish this year. Chinese observers expect the drone to make a new appearance at the upcoming Airshow China in November, with its ability to carry 10 tonnes of supplies and ammunition.

What Is This Drone?

The CH-7’s stealth drone was designed in a Chinese airshow in 2018. But with its unimpressive tests and public opinion, the CH-7 now is a force to be reckoned with. With a 26-meter wingspan, four meters longer than the original version, and a service ceiling of 15 kilometers, higher than the original versions’ 10-13 kilometers, the drone has been shown in tests to be able to bring missiles, ammunition, and food. The unmanned aircraft can fly higher than most drones and stay longer in the mission zone, be more focused on round-the-clock reconnaissance, and be able to keep detecting hostile targets for a longer time. Shi Wen, chief engineer of the CH series drone, told the Global Times at Airshow China 2022 that its stealthy design is able to effectively shorten enemy radar’s detection range and continue containing the enemy’s anti-air firepower, and greatly improve the effectiveness in information-based combat, Shi noted.

What Is The New Technology In This Drone?

The CH-7 features active flow control (AFC) technology, which uses bursts of high-pressure air from actuators embedded in the aircraft’s body for maneuvering instead of traditional moving control surfaces such as ailerons, rudders, and elevators. Chinese researchers said that during the test flight, the drone climbed, rolled, and adjusted to turbulence imbalances while its ailerons were locked in place. The researchers also noted that their drone was able to carry out smooth and quick maneuvers, with a response of less than 0.02 second from order to action, which is well within the capabilities of its flight computer. As the latest fighter jet that China has to boast, the drone will be manufactured around 2025, so expect a new era in technology to come.


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