The Demon Catshark

A New Creepy Discovery.


Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

By: Keyes Bronson, Journalist

In the deep and vast depths of the ocean, there are plenty of creatures that lurk, some have even become legends. One of these creature is the Demon Catshark, a creature that has kept marine scientists on the lookout for a very long time. This extraordinary fish, known for it’s strange but fascinating appearance, has just recently been discovered.

The Demon Catshark’s scientific name is the Carcharhinus Diabolus. It is a species of sea shark that lurks in parts of the ocean that have mostly been unexplored. The Demon Catshark’s name comes from it’s odd appearance. It has black skin, creepy glowing eyes, and very sharp teeth that they use to hunt and eat that really give the Demon Catshark it’s terrifying form. It is claimed to be a very lengthy fish, potentially reaching over six feet long, making it an even more frightening creature.

Because of the Demon Catsharks habitat in very dark, gloomy depths of the ocean, it has been a struggle for researchers and scientists to study and gather information about the Demon Catshark. There is a lot that is still to be known, it’s diet, it’s behavior, or it’s reproductive habits. It lives miles deep in the darkest depths of the ocean where there is little to no exposure to sunlight. From this information we can infer that the Demon Catshark has adapted to survive in these hard conditions, probably living off of other small fish in the ocean.

Due to advancement in technology over the past few years, researchers have been able to travel deeper into the darker parts of the ocean. Because of this humans have made plenty of thrilling discoveries, the Demon Catshark being one of them. However, the Demon Catshark is still a mystery for the most part. Just a legend captured by scientists on cameras. This has made it an even bigger target for researchers to find out and discover all the Demon Catshark’s secrets.

The Demon Catshark reminds us humans the mystery and vastness of the earth’s oceans. Even though we have gotten so advanced in technology and come so far, we have merely scratched the countless amount of discoveries yet to be made in the deep, dark, blue sea.

The Demon Catshark will continue to intrigue scientists and researchers for many years to come, with its freaky aspects. We are yet to find plenty more about this creature in the future.




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