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Climate Change is Terrible.

Climate Change is deadly.
Source: Picasa 3.0

Climate Change is a global issue that almost everyone knows about, it is known as an issue that is terrible for the planet and everything that lives on Earth. Climate Change is the constant warming and wild weather of the planet which raises the sea levels very quickly. This is an issue that has been getting worse and worse over the past century. It is caused from fossil fuels and other things that emit toxic odors being burned for fuel and energy. The carbon dioxide inside of the fossil fuels are released into the atmosphere and deteriorate the ozone layer which lets more of the sun’s ray get into the Earth leading to a hotter environment.


This is leading to many people having thoughts that the world is ending and people want to make the best of it, but this is just making it worse. We can make this better in a lot of ways but less and less people are trying to contribute to decreasing climate change. Even though it is easy some people are just really lazy or don’t have the mindset to contribute. Some ways that it can be reduced is by using less trash bags/plastic bags, using more renewable sources like wind energy, solar energy, and water energy. By far the cheapest and best way to reduce climate change is with nuclear energy. This is a very good way because it does not require deadly or damaging substances. The only downside to these are if poorly maintained then a catastrophic accident can happen which could kill thousands of people.

Studies say that climate change is rapidly worsening and that a mound of trash in the ocean will soon be as big as some countries in a few decades. Soon, climate change will be completely irreversible but right now it is still theoretically possible to turn around, we just need everybody to give their best effort and work together.



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