The Worlds Most Powerful Laser

Learn about the world’s most powerful laser


By: Declan Edwards, Journalist

The world’s most powerful laser has just been created at the University of Japan. The laser has the power of 2 trillion watts but the beam only last for a trillionth of a second which is very short so while it does fire it does not fire effectively. This laser has a billion times more power than your typical stadium flood light. The laser has not been named yet but it was made for Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments (LFEX). The success of the university of Japan is hoping to be created around the world with more success right now the University of California they have a gigantic beam 192-beam is what California is calling the project. The U.S. is attempting to break the record and steal it from the University of Japan. They are calling the robot Zeus and they are starting pulse trials this week. The robot is being funded by the National Science Foundation. This laser will only take one record, as it is going to be even shorter than The University of Japan’s but it is going to be more powerful than The University of Japan’s laser. For now, they are doing short bursts but on less power so it shoots for one second four times in a row but only on one trillion watts.






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