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Science behind self driving cars

How self driving cars work and are they safe

You might have heard of how now as cars are becoming more electric companies have started creating self driving car. With these new cars coming to the market it begs the question “how do they work” and “are they safe”. Many larger companies like Tesla and have already come out with semi self driving cars. The cars are only semi self driving because the car can drive itself but it still has a steering wheel and gas pedal so just in case something happens a human will still be there to help. But some companies have started to make cars that can fully drive themselves.

Now you know what these cars are but do you know how they actually work. The cars use many sensors around the car so the car knows where it is, without them the car would be completely blind which would not be safe. The car doesn’t just use one type of sensor but many different ones that all work together to make the car work. One of the sensors that it uses is called LiDAR, LiDAR uses lazer waves to sense where objects are relative to where it’s located. The car also uses radar that use radio waves, GPS so the car can get direction and speed limits, and high definition 360 degree cameras so the can can see things that the other sensors can’t. Overall companies have came a long way in safety features for self driving car and I think if you were to get one it would be safe enough to ride in.


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