Industry Changers: The Commercial Airline

How commercial airlines changed the aviation industry


By: August Bhatt, Journalist

In 1904 the Wright brothers launched their Wright flier, making history. In just a few years the airplanes were flying over the skies of Europe, in the first world war, this jump started the development of the airplane. Soon the “Golden Age” flight began, a novelty for America’s wealthy. These early airlines were cut off during the great depression. But by the 1950’s commercial air started to come back, backed by the government.

Some of these planes were truly amazing with full bars and pianos. Though as the years went on, air travel became cheaper, with these luxury’s disappearing. At this time many airlines appeared, such as United and American. These airlines were rapidly making flight less of a luxury. The price dropping 90% since 1941. The airplane was also a industry that entrepreneurs and tycoons invested heavily in, as it was a new and untapped industry, this helped propel planes to new heights. They also were propelled by the space race where plenty of rocket technology was integrated into planes.

Some even started experimenting with supersonic technology though sadly this program has been discontinued due to it’s high cost and low demand.

As time went on airlines began to become more like corporations instead of government sponsored research. Now they have automated flights where pilots monitor robot planes. Some have even looked into drones, as they are used more and more across the world. Soon drones might replace planes. Who knows.

So next time you are flying be thankful for your journey in the sky.


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