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Jetpacks and the Future

Will Jetpacks Ever Be Part of our Daily Lives?
Are Jetpacks the future of personal transportation?
Source: Eddie Codel

The first thought of jetpacks ever becoming a reality was when a James Bond Movie in 1965, Thunderball. What is a jetpack though? A jetpack is a rocket pack that uses jets of gas to push you through the air.

What would jetpacks help us achieve? If everybody had jetpacks then all transportation would be sped up, avoiding road traffic, making it easier for construction and cleaning, allowing firefighters to reach people faster, creating new forms of entertainment, and being very beneficial to the army. This article will be covering 3 different jetpacks that are popular.

The first is the Zapata Flyboard – this Flyboard connects to a jet connected to your PWC (personal water craft) and uses the jet to propel the rider up to 43 feet above or below the water.

The second jetpack is the James Bond Jetpack by Jetpack Aviation. In 2018, they launched the James Bond Jetpack. Considered the world’s only real jetpack, founder and CEO David Mayman says, “I can take off in here if I wanted to, and I can land vertically, which is different to a lot of the wind suit concepts you hear about, where you have to jump out of an airplane.”

The third and final Jetpack is the JB-11, which has enough fuel for 10 minutes and can reach speeds up to 120 miles per hour. This jetpack has a base cost of 340 thousand dollars.

In conclusion, jetpacks are a very possible future of transportation for the whole world. Despite the cost, jetpacks are a great way for military and personal travel. Jetpacks are slowly getting more and more advanced with an extra two minutes of fuel from the JB-10 to the JB-11 and it is becoming easier to carry less heavy equipment.

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