Who is Graham Hawkes?


By: Henry Chuong, Journalist

Graham Hawkes is a renowned marine engineer and a designer of submarines. Graham Hawkes was born in London on December 23, 1947. He was an only child. One of his inventions was inventing  the first ever robotic machine gun. Which was used to subdue shoots in North Hollywood. Graham Hawkes was also responsible for making some great marine technology like the Wasp deep diving suit. The Wasp is armored diving suit that doesn’t have any legs. He also made a submarine called  the “Mantis”, which was later used in the 1981 James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. At one point, he was the record holder for for the deepest dive underwater and he did that in the “Deep Flight.” In conclusion, Graham Hawkes is the inventor with some of the most advanced inventions in marine technology and at one point in time, was the record holder for the deepest underwater dive.

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