Rubber Ducks Lost At Sea


“Rubber Ducks!” by dmuth is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Victoria Pham, Reporter

Back in 1992, there was a shipping container with 28,000 rubber ducks lost in the North Pacific. These bath toys were meant to be shipped to the United States from Hong Kong but instead, the toys fell overboard. Till today these ducks are still washing up the shores of Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, and many more other countries. Basically, these baths toys have travelled the whole world!

The reason why the ducks had spilled was because a huge wave had knocked over the ship. Even though the accident was very traumatic, the accident had actually turned out to be a huge impact for the science industry. The way the ducks flowed in the ocean helped detect the ocean currents. When tracking down the rubber ducks, scientists have figured that these bath toys have actually travelled 17,000 miles. It had passed where the Titanic sank, Alaska, landing landing in Japan and many other places. Today, scientists are still collecting information about the ocean from the spilling. Hopefully, in the future we can maybe perhaps discover new things about the ocean.