Hearts Made of Adult Stem Cells


By: Jayashree Ezhilarasu

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Many patients who have issues with their hearts. These people often need new hearts, meaning they need heart transplants. There is a very, very long wait list for a new heart, and these people have to wait years, possibly decades for a new heart. There is also the issues and ethical problems that can come with having a new heart, for example the patient body can reject their heart, the patient needing a new heart again and needing to take medication to support their rejected heart. With the heart made with adult stem cells hearts can be made and given to these heart patients.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have engineered an artificial heart with stem cells.This heart was made with the adult stem cells, the hearts have been left to regenerate and scientists are waiting for the hearts to start beating. The process is to alter a body part such as skin, tissue, or muscle, and make them into cultured stem cells, then these stem cells can be then be converted to any body part. This relates to engineering because it can revolutionize the medical industry and help many heart patients, and help basically anyone with health issues, since any body part can be regenerated with stem cells. Many patients have already been helped with stem cells, patients with chronic heart diseases, their hearts were injected with their stem cells. As a result the patients became much healthier and their hearts grew a bit stronger. Although it may be a few years until scientists/researchers can make a real-working heart.

Though there are many issues with stem cells and other regenerative medicines this industry has certainly grown rapidly in a short period of time. Surely in a few years this industry will beable to help many, many people.

Article: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breakthrough-new-heart-grown-using-adult-stem-cells

Here is a video going into depth about the uses and processes of stem cells:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srRDM_ghzJQ