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Parts of a Fishing Reel

By: Hannah Bang, Journalist

A fishing reel has many parts to it that each serve a specific function. This article will talk about the parts of a spinning reel, which is the most popular type of reel. Here are the parts of a spinning...

2 crankbaits, one with a medium lip and the other with a long lip. One orange, the other grey/white.


By: Hannah Bang, journalist
Fishing is cool with Crankbait!

Parts of a Fishing Rod

By: Hannah Bang, Journalist

Fishing is a popular sport appreciated by many men and women. Fishing rods are an important aspect of the sport, and has many parts that each serve a specific function. Blank/Barrel: The long part...


By: Hannah Bang, Journalist

The Khopesh was a curved sword used in Egypt during the Bronze Age. stated it's been found in the Nile valley, east Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. The Khopesh...

Kusarigama–an Antique Japanese Weapon

By: Hannah Bang, Journalist

The Kusarigama is a Japanese weapon that was originally used for self-defense for non-samurai's, but eventually expanded to ninjas. The weapon is composed of a sickle and weight attached by a chain....

Rube Goldberg Machine

By: Hannah Bang, Journalist
A Rube Goldberg Machine uses the domino affect.

Python: Turtle Module

By: Hannah Bang, Reporter
Python, a famous programming language and one of the easiest to learn to use, has a module called turtle. Turtle has functions that allows you to draw cool designs.
Frame of a vehicle made from white foam.

APS Post #12

Today, I made the frame for my vehicle out of foam (for floating) and stuck them together using a glue gun. I included holes on the sides for the motors and included an indent in the vehicle for the arduino...

Arduino code for dc motors.

APS Post #11

I finally figured out how to change the direction of the motors. You change the HIGH and LOW. These are the changes I made: case Mid_button: digitalWrite(left_motor1,LOW); digitalWrite(left_motor2,HIGH); digitalWrite(right_motor1,LOW); digitalWrite(right_motor2,HIGH); break; case...

An ir remote sensor attached to 4 yellow wires.

APS Post #10

I finally figured out how to make the circuit work with the ir remote controller. It originally didn't work because I soldered it wrong, I wired it incorrectly, etc. If you solder the wires together, make...

A dc motor with no wires is in a crevice in a block of white foam.

APS Post #9

Today, I continued to cut the frame and started integrating it with the arduino parts (the two dc motors). I made indents for the breadboard and the motors. I also soldered some wires with the ir remote...

Pieces of styrofoam, 4 circles, 4 big rectangles, 2 small rectangles

APS Post #8

I started to cut the pieces of Styrofoam for the frame and wheels of the vehicle. I used a foam cutter, which melts the foam so that I can cut it easily. If you use one, you should probably wear gloves...

A white, flat vacuum looking robot floats on the shallow water of rice fields.

“Duck” Robot

Have you been noticing all the cool robots and inventions popping up around the world? Soon enough, they may be doing our homework and doing our chores! An example of a great robot is the "duck" robot. ...

2 dc motors attached to the arduino.

APS Post #7

Today, I attempted to try a different DC motor, with a rotating "metal stick" instead of the spiky "propellers" from last time. I think I will use this from now on because it works better as an axle for...

The Amazon logo. It has an orange yellow arrow pointing right at the bottom of of amazon in bold black letters,

The Origin of Amazon

Amazon seems to be the new big thing. You don't even need to leave the house anymore, all you do is search up the item you need, click buy and it's ordered. Amazon has a limitless amount of stuff. The...

A Chinook dog sitting with its tongue out.

Understanding Animals With This New Technology

Ever wondered what your dog is saying? Maybe Daisy wants to play with the ball you keep in your room. Maybe Pumpkin wants to go run outside. Well, with this new technology, it may just be possible. ...

4 different types of paper airplanes, one blue, yellow, pink, and green.

Paper Airplanes

When you think of a paper airplane, you think of a piece of paper with folds in it that either glides or goes a long distance. It's easy to make, and there are many versions to choose from. However, how...

4 AA batteries attached to the arduino by soldered wires.

APS Post #6

I successfully used 4 AA batteries to power the motors by soldering the wires together. I'll probably need more batteries in the future, but at least I know it's possible. Soldered wires.

Arduino breadboard attached to several AA batteries.

APS Post #5

I attempted to power the Arduino with batteries instead of the cable so that I can control the motors from a distance using the IR remote. 9 volt wasn't strong enough, so I'm trying AA batteries.

An old computer that fills up the whole room.

Origin of the Computer

We use computers everyday from playing games to uploading code for a robot. You can bring it anywhere, you can write with it, you can do so many things with it. Where did it all start? Who invented it? Charles...

Shows three phones, from the old version to the new version we use today.

Origin of the Cellphone

Today, we use our phone for almost everything. Bored? Pull out your phone. Have a question about math? Pull out your phone. Want to talk with a friend? Pull out your phone. But you have to wonder where...

2 dc motors are spinning.

APS Post #4

Today I successfully made the motors turn using the remote I have on hand.

A white boat is moving across the blue sea

How do Boats Float?

How can a boat, which is many times larger than yourself, float instead of sink on water? The answer is science, and I will share the specifics. Buoyancy is the force that causes some objects to float...

Wires connecting to arduino and DC motors.

APS Post #3

Today, I attempted to put together the Arduino parts.

A man is driving a car with its wheels tucked in on water.

APS Post #2

Here is my purchase order. It's what I will need to build the APS. Note: This doesn't include the Arduino parts. You can find those in the links of my previous post, and I will include it in future...

A man is driving a car with its wheels tucked in on water.

APS Post #1

I'm planning on making the APS, standing for Aqua Propeller Scouter. It will be a vehicle that will be able to travel in both land and on water. Since I love fishing, I'm also planning on installing a...

A blue snake with yellow eyes is flicking its tongue out

How Snakes Eat Their Prey

How can a snake, with no arms, no legs, and a small mouth, consume a whole rat? In some cases, even a whole pig!? What do snakes even eat? Before we can cover how they eat, we must first cover how...

A Great White shark is jumping out of the water with its mouth open.

How Sharks Go Fast

Ever wondered how the apex predator, the shark, moves so fast in the water? Why can sharks not stop swimming? This article answers that question, and explains how sharks go fast. According to Harvard...

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