Parts of a Fishing Reel



A fishing reel has many parts to it that each serve a specific function. This article will talk about the parts of a spinning reel, which is the most popular type of reel.

Here are the parts of a spinning reel:

  • Handle: Used to reel the line back towards you after casting or when a fish is on the line
  • Body: Holds all the small parts of the reel
  • Gearbox: Determines how many times the spool rotates every time you make one rotation on the handle. For example, a 1:3 ratio means the spool rotates 3 times for every one rotation you make with the handle
  • Spool: Where the fishing line is wrapped around
  • Drag adjustment knob: Can be turned to increase or decrease the tension. Too high a tension could break the line, as too low a tension could make you loose a fish because the line is too loose
  • Bail: When casting, is flipped when you’re about to cast and flipped back after you cast
  • Anti-Reverse Switch: Can control what direction the gears are turning, allowing control when a fish is hooked

Each part serves a function and had to be thought out and designed. The type of material, size, parts, and more had to be thought through as well, therefore using the engineering design process.

Mitchell Spinning Reel 350“Mitchell Spinning Reel 350” by HYAKUNEKO is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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