Parts of a Fishing Rod


By: Hannah Bang, Journalist

Fishing is a popular sport appreciated by many men and women. Fishing rods are an important aspect of the sport, and has many parts that each serve a specific function.

  • Blank/Barrel: The long part of the rod, not including the handle. It can be split apart to several pieces for transportation purposes.
  • Butt/Cap: The part attached to the end of the handle, protects rod from damage when rod is hung/stored.
  • Handle/Grip: When fishing, people hold the handle. Size varies depending on the size of the rod and the fishing style.
  • Reel Seat: Only in some rods, the location where someone would place the reel.
  • Hook Keeper: When the rod is being moved or not in use, the bait at the end can be hooked to this hook near the handle.
  • Ferrules: The parts of a rod are attached using the ferrules, thin plastic or metal joints.
  • Eyes/ Guides: Along the blanks, there are circular rings, which are the eyes. The line is put through the eyes.
  • Windings: The eyes are attached to the blank by windings (thread).
  • Rod End/Tip: Tip of the rod.
  • Tiptop/End Ring: The eye at the end of the rod

Each part of the rod had to be thought out so that the rod could perform its ultimate function: catch fish. The material, size, and weight had to be tested and planned. A fishing rod is an engineering masterpiece and has benefited society, what engineering strives to do.

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