How Sharks Go Fast

A Great White shark is jumping out of the water with its mouth open.

Ever wondered how the apex predator, the shark, moves so fast in the water? Why can sharks not stop swimming? This article answers that question, and explains how sharks go fast.

According to Harvard University biomechanist Brooke Flammang, sharks are able to move fast by using a muscle to stiffen its tail as it’s moving. This allows a shark to have continual thrust. Sharks sink when they stop swimming, meaning they have to be in constant motion. 

A Mako Shark specifically uses its muscles, tail , snout, and more. Watch this video to learn the specifics.
Different types of shark tails. These include the Great White, Cookiecutter, Thresher, Porbeagle, Tiger, and Nurse Shark.
Different types of shark tails.

Here a link to an article about this:

This relates to engineering because an engineering technique was used to find out how sharks move fast. Brooke Flammang adapted an imaging system that allowed her to see the way water moved when a shark flicked its tail.