“Duck” Robot



Have you been noticing all the cool robots and inventions popping up around the world? Soon enough, they may be doing our homework and doing our chores! An example of a great robot is the “duck” robot.

Tetsuma Nakamura made this robot to help a friend. Also known as the “Aigamo” robot, this robot can help Japanese rice farmers use less pesticides and get rid of weeds. The robot mimics a duck’s behavior. It makes the water muddy so that weeds won’t have enough sunlight to grow. This may one day become a big hit and revolutionize rice farming.

Unfortunately, there are no subtitles, but this video shows how the robot works.

Use these links for more information: https://nerdist.com/article/duck-robot-helps-rice-farmers-japan/ https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2019/6/22/18700480/robot-duck-nissan-rice-fields-farming-weeds

This relates to engineering because an engineer had to think of the idea to imitate a duck and actually build a robot made to do that. He had to plan and execute his idea and work with others to do so, therefore following the engineering design process. The technology also helps others, which is what engineering is meant to do.