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By: Hannah Bang, journalist

In the sport of fishing, there are many unique ways to catch a fish. One of these ways is artificial lures, man made lures made to mimic a fish or look like a source of food. A crankbait is one of the many artificial lures out there and has a very unique way of attracting fish.

Crankbaits use a lip at the front to determine how it moves and how deep it goes. Square billed crankbaits are used for fishing in shallow water. Medium Divers are fished in medium depth, about 10 feet or less. Finally, deep divers go in deep water, about 10-20 feet. The longer the lip, the more deep it will go. The wider the lip, the more movement it will make. The lip allows the bait to imitate a fish swimming in water and can be very effective.

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This relates to engineering because the lip function had to be planned and tested constantly, as well as the lure shape. The engineering design process was most likely used to innovate the crankbait, and is still being improved upon today.