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Karl Wenner: From Surgeon to Conservationist Farmer

Karl Wenner helps the environment though various ways
a video about Karl Wenner
Source: Karl Wenner
karl Wenner a conservation advocate standing in his wet lands he help create

Karl’s Previous Job

Karl Wenner was a surgeon before he was a conservationist farmer, more precisely he was a orthodontist surgeon, a good one at that. he retired from this job and  chose to live on a farm, this is the story of how he because a great conservationist.

Karl Wenner’s Flood Issue.

Karl Wenner had a pollution problem that leaked into the next to Upper Klamath Lake because his land flooded each winter. He solved this problem by creating a wetland on 70 acres of his 400 acre farm to help fix the pollution problem. The main pollute was phosphorus a powerful fertilizer which was leaching into lakes causing dangerous spikes in algae blooms.

Why Wet Lands?

The reason wetlands are good for the environment are that they, work as nature’s sponge, soaking up bad minerals and pollution before they enter into the watershed. The Lakeside Farms wetland broke ground in 2021, removing the previously barley filled fields and carving barriers and paths for water flows that would leave small man made nesting islands. One can only hope Karl Wenner’s effort will help inspire other farmers to do similar projects.

Karl Wenner’s Over All Goal.

This wetland project is part of a bigger goal of cleaning the river, remove dams and allowing  salmons to return to Oregon. Karl Wenner had also decided to allow a Belgium start up called BeeOdiversity to survey the land for pollen and pollution using the bees he kept in the farm. the data from this revealed that there were native and invasive plants and animals that Karl had not known about that allowed for better assisting in the environment.

Karl’s Role With In Conservation Agencies.

Karl has also become the chair man of the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Advisory Committee. the goals of the OCRA is to help keep the nature elements of Oregon around so everyone can experience them. Karl has participated in several projects ranging from deer crossing to help prevent them from being ran over by vehicles. Over all Karl Wenner is an amazing conservationist who has done many things to bring a light to a otherwise bleak world.

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