How Fast Food Works: A Day In The Life

A day in the life of the average fast food worker


By: August Bhatt, Journalist

There is almost nothing more American than fast food, no person in America is more than 107 miles away from a fast food restaurant, and in most areas, you are much closer, but how do these ultra-cheap, ultra-fast businesses work?

You wake up early and drive to your job at the most famous brand in America, McDonald’s. As you unlock the door and put on your bright, ill-fitting uniform, you greet the other workers as they arrive. They are doing other tasks, putting tables and chairs out, turning on fryers, and unpacking the truck full of frozen burgers and fries. And then, Boom! Every second counts as the customers pour in. These are the 69 million customers served each year by the corporation. Soon you get into a routine as you greet customers in a chipper voice, then continues for the next three and a half hours, with customers routinely complaining as you grind on waiting for your first break, which finally comes an hour later as you exhaustedly walk to the back of the restaurant sitting down for the first time in hours, you can’t get away from the smell of grease in the restaurant, but it is not as strong here.
Suddenly, your manager shouts for you to get back to work, even though you know you have ten more minutes of break, this is not the first time this has happened, there are never enough workers. You don’t argue, you would surely be fired; and then get back to the job an impatient women greets you, screaming for the manager. At the end of the day you receive your pay check, just 80$ dollars for seven hours of work. You get in your car, you getting ready to do it all again tomorrow.


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