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Lobotomy Kaisen: How Internet Humor Has Severely Deteriorated

Brain Rotting Videos Harming Our Youth

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TikTok humor is shifting gradually over time, and not necessarily in the best way. Do you know those quick videos that pop up on your feed? They’re cool for a laugh, but they’re like little bites of humor. We’re losing out on those deep, thought-provoking jokes because everything has to be bite-sized.

There is also a phenomenon of “meme factory,” where jokes are constantly recycled over and over. We have to ask ourselves the questions, where’s the freshness The originality? We are drowning in a sea of brain rotting repeats.

Brain rot

The term “brain rot” very recently started being used in comment sections to refer to videos that were either uncomfortable to watch, or were past jokes that were no longer funny layered on top of each other. Long time internet users would just ignore said videos. Younger audiences would not, but instead start repeating things that they see. Others started to compare these videos to getting a lobotomy. These unfunny low effort videos provide dopamine and nothing else. Some have said that watching these videos is similar to an “intelligence dampening tumor”.


Brain rot is like drug – eventually its effects stop happening, and you need more of it to get the dopamine. This has been dubbed “doomscrolling,” where a person will just keep scrolling on their phone, not even thinking, not even looking for brain rot, just scrolling. A person that doomscrolls is called a “doomer”, a person who is very pessimistic and apathetic. Doomscrolling is very dangerous. To avoid this, you should go outside and get fresh air.


In conclusion, internet humor has indeed deteriorated in many ways. From repetitive memes, to a lack of genuine connection, it seems like the golden age of internet humor is behind us. However, I remain hopeful that with time, creativity, and willingness to push boundaries, we can reclaim the magic of internet humor and bring back the laughter that united us all.


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