V.A.R. FIFA World Cup Advancements



By: Darwin Hernandez, journalist

Image Source: https://www.fifa.com/technical/football-technology/football-technologies-and-innovations-at-the-fifa-world-cup-2022/video-assistant-referee-var

The 2022 World Cup is the most advanced World Cup in years. The video assistant referee Is a system that helps referees if the player is offside, or is a goal counted or not, and if a player was fouled and if the referee didn’t notice. Fifa first introduced the VAR system in the 2018 world cup. But the VAR system was developed during the 2010s but was never really ever used until the 2018 world cup. To use the VAR technology there’s a group of people in control that all watch the footage while the game is going on.


The control room is where they review the matches in real time as the system assists them to review the game footage. The VAR team has access to 42 broadcast cameras and 8 of those cameras are in slow motion and 4 that are in ultra slow motion so review fouls or offsides. if a team scores after the goal they review the goal to see if it was offside or before the goal if a player was fouled. A virtual rendition of an offside player during a match.