Museum Of The Future

Summary Of The Museum Of The Future

Museum Of The Future

By: Marija Petrushevska , Journalist

The Museum of The Future officially opened on February 22, 2022, and is located in Dubai. The construction of the museum began in June 2016. Built by John Killa of Killa Designstook, it took six years to build. It serves as a testbed for new inventions of technologies, as well as societal interventions, and scientific innovations. This museum explores how society will evolve in the future using technology and science. For looks, on the inside, the museum has ‘smart cities’ for education, energy, and transportation, health innovations laboratories, etc. The museum takes the shape of a silver oval and has an open center. This is one of the reasons why the museum has no corners or columns because of its round shape. Not only that it has seven floors which makes it 225 feet tall. Another cool thing about it is that each panel has Arabic quotes written on it. This building is the only building in the world with such superior technologies. Because of how advanced its structure is, it became one of the most complex buildings. And another fact is that it got recognized by National Geographic as one of the 14 most beautiful museums created. For visiting, tickets cost Dhs 145 per person, and for children under 3, it’s free.


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