How To Build Electric Roller Shades

Steps to build electric roller shades.


“Two Roller Shades” by curtainsbyjoanne is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

By: Ben Pollack, Journalist

I will be telling you guys about all of the instructions to build electric roller shades.

  1. Open your box of parts and make sure that you have everything.
  2. Take out all of the parts and organize them.
  3. Start building a frame out of wood.
  4. Hammer nails into the corners of the wood frame to keep them in place.
  5. Get a thin piece of metal and then bend it to hold the motor on to the frame and then screw it into the wood
  6. Install the roller blinds onto the frame.
  7. Make mounts for switches and battery holders.
  8. 3d print pulley.
  9. Assemble everything.
  10. Wire/Circuit everything.

Finally,  if you follow these instructions you should of built your self electric roller shades.

TAKE ACTION: You can take action by building your own electric roller shades so you don’t break regular shades and throw them in the trash.