How to Properly Open a Door

How to open a door properly


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“Did you know that every third person constantly opens doors incorrectly?”  Finnish Narrator.

Opening doors, to us, is a simple action comparable to breathing, but because it’s such a simple concept, we rarely ever give a thought about how we open a door.  In this article, not only will I list the steps on how to properly open an aperture, but I will give an in-depth analysis and explanation for each step. Note that this method is only for physically adept individuals and will not work for any sliding, swinging, collapsible, folding, non-Euclidean, pivoting, revolving, rolling doors, and etc.

Approaching, Opening, and Exiting the Door

The key to unlocking the mechanism of a door is how you first approach it. This determines the outcome of the entire, rushing towards the door instead of calmly approaching will only ruin the flow of your motion. Many people overlook this fact and because of this, they fail to properly open the door. Approaching the door calmly allows you to envision your next move, as well as prep you for the next step.

 After being mentally and physically prepared, you must first adjust your step so that your non-dominant foot is in front of your dominant foot and somewhere around 3937/2000 of an inch away from the door. This step enables you to gain enough space for the upcoming step. For this next course of action, your physique must be on par to an Alaskan bear, shift your body weight to your left side until it becomes effortless to lift your rear foot, and lean towards the door. Place the hand closest to the entryway, and with the newly created momentum, you will pull down the door handle and open the entry from the downwards weight and velocity of the previous action. To ensure consistency for future door opening procedures, you must use the projectile motion formula (s(t) = −½ gx2 + v0x + h0) to calculate the motion you will have to take for the next following steps. Swing your dominant foot right through the aperture and once it lands, pivot your foot towards the door, follow through with your non-dominant leg, and close the door in one efficient flow of motion. 

Congratulations, you’ve opened the door, but millions of people are still living in poverty, homelessness runs rampant in parts of the city unseen by the common people. You’ve opened the door, but what did the simple course of action accomplish in society? This is but the first step in bettering the general welfare of the people, to better the stagnant state of society, by being the one, to open the door for a better future… There is a wise saying spread throughout the far African desert. In a sense, it encapsulates the significance of this entire article.

“Every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes.” ~Wise African Man.




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