This Mask Detects COVID-19

The Safe Way to Detect Covid-19


Frankel, Felice. 29 June 2021.

By: Zakaria Najmeddine, Journalist

This year scientists from the most prestigious colleges, MIT and Harvard, gathered together to develop a gadget that can detect Covid-19. The gadget diagnoses the user within two hours. The sensors that are in the mask are disposable and can be put into other masks. These sensors can also adjust to detect other viruses.

The sensors are designed in a way so that the user of the mask can be activated whenever they are ready to operate the test. The result is recorded inside the mask for privacy purposes. These sensors were based on projects that started back in 2014. Scientists got together to show that nucleic acids required to make synthetic gene networks that could be put into paper. James Collins, one of the main scientists working on this project, used this same method to create diagnostics for Ebola and Zika. If the user has a virus, then the nucleic acids will react with the freeze-dried sensors, which will change where the line will appear. This line will show whether the user has a virus or not.

Researchers have tried finding ways to incorporate this technology into other items such as clothing and lab coats. Researchers are still finding a way to improve the speed of the test and hope to find ways to use this product publicly. Recently, this product was filed for a patent and the researchers and scientists behind it hope to cooperate with other companies to develop better and reliable sensors.