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Drowsy Driving Detector

The cause of many accident is drowsy driving. Many people become very fatigued when driving, which could cause harm to many drivers around them.  With the development of new cars, better advancements are made, including drowsy driving detectors.


Printing started out from pasting words or images onto paper in 2D. However, new printers have been developed and put to the use to go beyond the second dimension.  Recently, 3D printers have been going mainstream in many industries. The reasons being is due to the amount of uses it has and the many types there are.

Technology in the Brain

Recently, researchers were able to come down to a decision and have developed neural interface. Neural interface is a technology that links with the nervous system. This technology can be used to stimulate the brain and record movements.

Graphene and Its’ Applications

A material that is over two hundred times stronger than steel and a thousand times lighter than paper shouldn't really exist...right? Well, Graphene fits this description perfectly. Graphene has potentially became the material the changes the world. Businesses and industries around the world are trying to get their hands on graphene. But other than it's strength and size, graphene can be used as a conductor of heat and electricity.

This Mask Detects COVID-19

This mask may look a bit off, but it really saves lives. This mask can detect viruses within two hours.

The Color Changing Car

Car companies have been sending out cars every year with the best and latest technology ever since they were invented. From adding headlights to having air conditioning, cars have certainly come a long way. Recently, BMW has surprised many people at the Consumer Electronics Show with the new BMW iX M60 that has a feature where it can change colors in just a second.

Tour Space in a Hot Air Balloon

Tourism has been changing ever since technology has. Technology has changed a whole lot to the point where we can now have space tourism.

3D Metal Printing

The 3D Metal Printer has probably began a whole new era of manufacturing.

Electromagnetic Induction

Have you ever wondered what powers most of your household items?

Underwater Vehicles

Underwater vehicles are categorized in four classes: Human Occupied Vehicles (HOVs), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicles (HROVs).


As time progress society gets more and more advanced. Who knows what we have in store for transportation for the years to come.


A jetpack is a device that uses gas to fly/hover in the air. People are starting to be able to put propellers on their hand and fly
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