Carbon Converters To Solve Climate Change

Not only plants, but machines can remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Image: Frazer-Nash Consultancy

By: Nick Boukens, Journalist

Machines to help with climate change? With global climate traveling across the world, heating the earth causes many problems. How can we solve this crisis? Well, we can make some carbo converters that make carbon into a fuel source. Orca is the organization that created these machines. Their goal is to make zero net emissions, this means that we are getting rid of as much carbon as we are producing. Having this goal is difficult due to the population and technology use growing. We need more and more power which means we must burn a larger amount of coal each year.
So how does this machine work? The machine has a 4 step process, the first step would be taking air into the machine. Air is directed toward the machine, the machine will have a material that will absorb the carbon dioxide. This material is called sorbent. The sorbent is a material that will collect molecules from another substance by sorption. The second step is, to capture carbon by sorbent separating net-zero it from the other gas streams in the air. The third stage is where the carbon in the sorbent is stored in a storage facility. The carbon in the storage facility is a very purified version of carbon which creates a byproduct of carbon dioxide. Depleted reservoirs and saline aquifers are an effect of this. The clean air is then able to exit the machine.


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