Primitive Tools

What Were The First Human Tools?

By: Nathan Britton, Journalist

Homo Habilis.  One of the first human precursors to make and use tools. And although some people imagine them using clubs, most of the tools/weapons were made of stone. But let’s see how they used them.

Lomekwian tools were made by striking a rock on another rock set on a flat surface (or the flat surface itself if the surface was hard enough) to create a sharp edge. It was thought that it was used to get to the marrow or break the shells off of nuts and was most likely used for hunting too.

Oldowan tools were very similar to Lomekwian tools but were made holding two rocks and striking them together. I personally think that the Lomekwian tools were better because if you missed while trying to make an Oldowan tool, you could get a bad gash or bruise, while the Lomekwian tools didn’t have such a flaw. But maybe the Oldowan did better in making a sharp edge.