Climate Change Cycles

How it is Becoming a Growing Loop


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“NASA Blue Marble 2007 West” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Caden Mitchell, Journlist

How Climate Change Happens

Climate Change starts when Carbon is released in the atmosphere. Carbon is mostly released in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. When the Carbon is in the atmosphere the Greenhouse Effect takes place. Carbon gets trapped in our atmosphere and makes the planet warmer. Carbon Dioxide getting trapped in our atmosphere is a good thing, in balanced amounts, but with industrialization more fossil fuels are being burned, releasing more Greenhouse Gases. This is rapidly becoming a major problem because sea levels are rising, temperatures are rising, there are more forest fires, and more animals are finding harder to live under these warmer conditions. This is clearly horrible and hurting life on the planet.

The Growing Cycle of Climate Change

Climate Change is turning into a growing cycle because different forms of climate change feed off of itself such as:

Air Conditioning: Air conditioners emit greenhouse gases that warm the planet. Because the Earth is getting warmer, we use more air conditioning. And so the cycle continues…

Water Evaporation: As the Earth gets warmer there is more water vapor in the air. Water vapor traps heat and makes the planet warmer. Because the planet is warmer there is more water vapor…

Fires: When a wildfire happens in a forest a lot of carbon dioxide is released, making the Earth warmer. The hotter the climate, the more fires that happen.

Can We solve the Problem?

These growing cycles are continuing to harm our planet and are getting exponentially bigger. In order for this problems to stop we need to break the cycle. This is very hard to do, but if this news is put out into the world and more people know about it we can break the cycle. Please spread this news to anyone you know so we can break the cycle.