Charging By Air

The perfect charger (maybe)

Source: Connor mulherin

By: Connor Mulherin, Reporter

Did you ever think it was possible to charge phones through the air? We can now charge our phones without cables or wireless charging stands. However, Xiaomi has created a device that will send a signal through the air to phones with an antenna built-in. It will charge the phone at a steady 5w. That is not a lot of power, but it’s not bad for it just being made. For this to work, you will have to buy a Xiaomi phone with an antenna built into the phone so that the charging device knows where to send the power to.

Soon the creator is hoping to make the device powerful enough to charge at the speed of wired charging, but they’re still working on that. The nice thing about this charger is that it can charge from five meters away. That means that you can do stuff around your house while your phone is charging. The question is, when will it be for sale, and will it actually work. One of the problems people are thinking about is the price, it’s probably going to cost over a thousand dollars, and it only charges at five watts.  You might wonder why somebody would spend that much money when they could buy a long cable for $15 and have their phone charging at around 120w.

One of the other problems that deal more with tech is the connection. Xiaomi claims that its phones can charge at a distance of five meters but are unclear about the connection and its lag. For example, will the phone charge nonstop, or will there be buffering, and will you have to fix it constantly? If Xiaomi keeps working on this device and makes the charging speed faster, then it would be a super cool piece of tech.