The Rise And The Fall Of Fall Guys

Fall Guys, the game that stormed the internet for about 2 months and then suddenly fell from popularity


Image credit to DevolverDigital

By: Jose Iriarte-Dubon, Reporter

Well if you haven’t been living under a rock the past few months chances are you’ve heard of the game fall guys. Fall guys was a hit game that came out on August 4th and took the internet by storm, but suddenly the game just disappeared and no one really talks about it anymore, well if you’re interested on how this game came to be and eventually was forgotten by many then this story has you covered!

Its a few weeks before the game drops and Sony has a trick up their sleeve, they make a deal with Mediatonic (the creators of fall guys) Sony makes them sign a contract so their game will be the most promoted on the ps4 in August but they could only release on the ps4 and steam, Mediatonic accepted. Weeks before the game came out streamers got early access to the game and some lucky viewers won the game in giveaways. And this is where the game skyrocketed in popularity, the game had 300k live viewers on twitch despite not even having been released yet! Its now August 4th, the game releases on steam and ps4 and the game is so packed that the servers crash, the game continued to be the top game until something odd happened. Hackers, servers crashing and not having the game on Xbox or the Nintendo switch lead to fall guys being slowly forgotten but what dealt the final blow might surprise you. Instead of going forward we need to go back, Its July 2020 Fall guys was being hyped up for release and surprisingly what made fall guys basically disappear from the internet wasn’t a new upcoming game, it was a 2 year old game that most people had never heard about , Among Us, the game had a very small fanbase at the time but then something happened. A streamer by the name of SodaPoppin which was the 28th most followed creator on the platform streamed among us, and slowly but surely the game gradually became more popular the the game fall guys, and fall guys slowly became less popular. The truth is the game Fall guys never died, Among us just became so popular that fall guys was left in the dust.