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The history of PlayStation

The Evolution Of PlayStation History

This is the history of PlayStation (PS). It all came from the brand Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was going to be partnered with Nintendo to create a CD in the early 1900s, but PlayStation went by itself. It started to get more involved in the gaming industry and got more upgrades. It also got more expensive during that time.

Nowadays, PlayStation has new versions like the PS4 and PS5 and you can play different games on it. Also, one can buy gift cards for PS.  The video game console was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and was first published to Japanese retailers in December 1994. The pocket station was a memory card, peripheral for the use of the PlayStation 1 and was first published in Japan in 1999. Play Station 1 was published in the early 2000s along with its companion the PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation 3 is a video game console created with Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 3 was first released on November 11, 2006. Now, Play Station 4 is a home video game. It was launched on November 15, 2015 in North America. The PlayStation 5 was released on November 12, 2020 in Australia.

These are the prices at launch!

  • PS1 – $299
  • PS2 – $299
  • PS3 – $299
  • PS4 – $399
  • PS5 – $499

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