Rainbow Six Siege: Zero



By: Markus Merrill, Reporter

Within the release of Year 5 Season 3, Sam Fisher, or also known as “Zero,” will be appearing as the season’s operator. Sam Fisher first originated from the stealth game, “Splinter Cell.” Zero is an attack operator (2 Armor, 2 speed) focused on intel-gathering and support. His gadget is the “Argus launcher,” is engineered to carry 4 cameras that are able to penetrate through any surface except for impenetrable surfaces and surfaces assisted with gadgets, (i.e. Bandit/Kaid electrifying or mute jamming.) With each camera comes with a single shot laser. The cameras can also can be viewed both sides, and only the side you shot from if its impenetrable. Upon deployment of the cameras, there would two noticeable details. The sound of the camera deploying is the same as the goggle being activated in Splinter Cell. The second detail is when you view in the gadget, there would be a light on it. This would be obvious to defenders, and should be prevented by putting the camera in a hiding spot, or don’t use it until it’s necessary if you want to keep it.


Zero’s loadout is deadly. He comes with choice of MP7 or the SC3000K. His secondary is the 5.7 USG that has an undetachable suppressor. His gadgets are the claymore and the frag grenades. He has very excellent weapon choices, so go either the Mp7 with the 1.5 scope if you can hit your shots, and the SC3000K if you can’t. This operator requires heavy experience, so don’t expect to use him and use him in full potential in ranked without practice.