How to Make Your Own Fishing Jig


“Fishing Jigs” by mrbill is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Trevor Nothdurft, Reporter

This is how to make a fishing jig step by step.

Materials/items needed

Lead ingots, 1 Melting Pot, 1 Jig head mold, Hooks, Powder paint, Pliers,1 heat gun with temp control.


Step 1. Melt Your Lead IN A HIGHLY VENTILATED AREA (Warning lead fumes when you melt are known to cause negative effects if you are not in a highly ventilated area.) once done clear of the impurities you can use a spoon to do that by skimming the top with a spoon.

Step 2. Put your hook in the Mold. There is different molds for different hooks it depends on what type you are making. close the mold with the hook in it.

Step 3. Pour the Lead into the Mold over the hook. Don’t overflow it leave a bit of lead at the top. After open the mold and grab the Jig with your pliers to remove it from the mold and let it cool. (Warning It will be Hot)

Step 4.Once The jig is cooled down use your pliers to remove the extra lead at the top of your jig. Then use the heat gun at a temp that wont melt the jig so you can use the paint then dip the jig into the powder paint and shake off the extra.




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