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History of the Arizona Cardinals

A history of one of the most mediocre or horrible teams in history
Arizona Cardinals logo from 1970-2004(With some slight alterations over it’s time)

The Arizona Cardinals formally known as the Phoenix Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals, Card-Pitt, and the Chicago Cardinals. The Cardinals have a history of mediocre seasons or awful seasons which would lead with only two NFL championship when they were….

Chicago Cardinals:(1920-1943) Stadiums: Normal Park:(1920-1921, 1926-1928), Comiskey Park:(1922-1925, 1929-1930, 1939-1943), Wrigley Park:(1931-1938)

The Chicago Cardinals lasted till 1943 before they stopped for a season in the 1944 season when they merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers for one season. Though in the 1925 season they won there 1st NFL Championship. Mainly due to the other team the Pottsville Morons suspend for a game for being in “Another Teams Land” and soon after they played there extra game against the University of Notre Dame. The Cardinals would win the championship. But then it was found out that they played two games against teams that didn’t exist which was a complete scandal with on of those teams the: “Milwaukee Badgers”. And it was a complete mess but at the end of the day. The Chicago Cardinals were champions of the NFL and everything will be normal now. Then WWII happened and caused the Pittsburgh Steelers a player shortage and a merger withe the eagles for a season. Then that following season we got……

CARD-PITT(1944) Stadium: Comiskey Park:(1944)

Not real much to happen here, expect they 0-10 and existed only because of a player shortage due to WWII heck the last season before this the Rams(At the time at Cleveland Rams) didn’t play that season.

Chicago Cardinals: (1945-1959) Stadium: Comiskey Park:(1945-1959)

They would the last title only after being 0-10 3 year ago. In 1947 they would beat the Philadelphia Eagles after the original owner died only 8 month before they won the 2nd title.

Though after horrible seasons in the 50’s almost leading into a bankruptcy and with the Chicago Bears stealing there attention in Chicago. The new owner: Violet Bidwill Wolfner would relocate to…..

St. Louis Cardinals:(1960-1987) Stadiums: Busch Stadium:(1960-1965), Busch Memorial Stadium:(1966-1982) Busch Stadium(Just Busch Memorial Stadium):(1982-1987)

The Cardinals wanted to get out of Chicago due to them not wanting to compete with the Bears(Chicago Bears) though the NFL didn’t allow but when rival startup AFL(American Football League) the NFL allowed them to go to St. Louis.

Though one of the few problems being how that the stadium wasn’t made for the NFL. As it was made for the St. Louis Cardinals(Baseball).And it was aging stadium. Though when the Cardinals(Football) moved in they would have to make a new stadium though by the time they left in 1987 it was old mess. As Busch Memorial Stadium was made in 1966 and by the time they left in 1987 it was to old to keep a NFL team seeing it move to……

Phoenix Cardinals(1988-1994) Stadiums: Sun Devil Stadium(1988-1994)

Original going with the name Phoenix Cardinals which only lasted for 6 years though don’t even play in Phoenix.

Nowadays Sun Devil Stadium is used for Arizona State Football(Which they were still playing there while the Cardinals were there from 1988-2004)

Arizona Cardinals(1995-Present) Stadiums: Sun Devil Stadium(1995-2004), State Farm Stadium(2005-Present)

There was no difference from them and the Phoenix Cardinals just a rebrand though after 3 years after the rebranding they would go to the playoffs for the first time since 1982 which is a 14 year wait. Though nothing would majorly happen from then till 2008 after Kurt Warner who once lead a Rams team from out of nowhere to a Super Bowl in 1999, would make a another Fairytale run to the Super Bowl with the Cardinals which would start a small time where these Cardinals where no joke. But after his retirement from football after the ’09 season they would go through a QB Crisis. Until they found another old QB though this time it wouldn’t send them to the Super Bowl instead they would make all the way to the NFC Championship.

Now at this time the Cardinals who are horrible are now wear they were at like 2010.



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