Project Update #7 – Building Model/Working with Epoxy – #WoodenPress


Building the Base

A few days ago we have decided to make our model for our wooden hydraulic press! Before we started building the model we needed to build the base of the press and our wood was too thin, our solution to the problem was gluing 3 pieces of wood with epoxy. To use the epoxy we used you first needed to squirt out 2 mixtures and mixing them together then sticking the objects you want to glue together. We made sure not to get any on our hands because epoxy is very difficult or near impossible to remove.

Building the Model

After waiting for the epoxy to dry we have started to build our model! We first started to go back to the drill press to make holes on the base for the wooden dowels to fit into. After that was done we put our large syringes into the wood and gluing them in place onto the bottom layer. We decided to glue the top dowels with epoxy so the wood wouldn’t move as much and we also will glue the bottom dowels to make sure the press doesn’t with the pressure its getting.