Drilling Robot Might be able to Discover what’s below Europa’s surface

Drilling Robot Might be able to Discover whats below Europas surface

By: Peter Kratz

Researchers from the University of Illinois have presented an idea on how NASA could look for life below Europa’s (one of Jupiter’s moons) icy surface. Scientists have surmised that there is water below the ice, due to extensive observation by the Galileo Spacecraft. By using a tunneling probe, the 2-30 Km thick ice could be broken, and secrets could be unearthed.

For more information: https://interestingengineering.com/nuclear-powered-drilling-bot-to-look-for-life-on-europa 

Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa, has a deep ocean

This relates to engineering because robots are a prime example of engineering advances, and very extensive research and technology is required to create robots. Scientists program these robots to preform tasks that typically are too dangerous for humans.