VR Headset


By: Kevin Donnelly

VR headsets are allowing people to see more of the world.

Imagine that you can take a Head Set of some sort and when you put it on you enter into a totally different world; one with dragons, monsters, vast expanses of ocean, anything you can imagine. Well if you know what it is, you probably have seen it on YouTube or Snap-chat, they are called Virtual Reality Head Set. You are able to put your phone in a box like a Head Set and when you move it is able to spin around 360 degrees. It has become a huge success because, though you know that the shark isn’t real or the bullets aren’t going to hurt, but your brain doesn’t recognize it as fake and this can provide a totally awesome and original experience than what other mediums offer. The realness of the headset can also trigger human emotions, such as wonder, joy, and fear. It can bring you to places you’ve always wanted to visit, or experience things you couldn’t possible do in real life.

This relates to engineering because it is a new plane for engineers to study and advance the field of technology. It also requires engineers to mass produce them efficiently. It also opens up new possibilities for future VR implements.