Hubble Telescope


Have you ever seen a telescope? Have you ever looked a space from it? Telescopes are great inventions that we will need in the future. They are a great creation of both engineering and science. We still don’t know what’s out there, in outer space. There is a whole big universe and scientists are using telescopes to find what’s going on in space.

There are many models of telescopes that are used for great explorations. The most common ones are:

  1. The Hubble Telescope

2. The James Webb Space Telescope

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The most common telescope known is the Hubble Telescope. So, I will be talking about the Hubble telescope. Hubble Telescope is a telescope that was launched into the space in 1990. It’s a telescope that orbits earth. This telescope is NASA’s one of the greatest and long lasting missions. It was used for to take hundreds and thousands of pictures.¬†Every 97 minutes, Hubble completes a spin around Earth, moving at the speed of about 8 km per second fast enough to travel across the United States in about 10 minutes. As it travels, Hubble’s mirror captures light and directs it into its several science instruments.

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Engineering is one of the greatest things because helping people and discovering science is so much fun. This relates to engineering by learning about a great invention of science and how it works. It relates to engineering and the world because it would help NASA learn more about space and what’s in it.