Tanks Can Now Make Bridges

Tanks Can Now Make Bridges
English: The wreckage of a bridge and North Ko...
English: The wreckage of a bridge and North Korean Communist tank south of Suwon, Korea. The tank was caught on a bridge and put out of action by the Air Force. ID #HD-SN-99-03158 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Armored vehicles have been able to make bridge like things since WW2, but recently a new tank has come out and can make a bridge in 98 seconds.

The M60 armored army tank can make a bridge in under two minutes! The bridge is 19 Meters (60 foot) retractable bridge. Once the tank fully extends out the bridge on the ground or over water the M60 tank disconnects itself and drives over it safely. When the tank gets to the other side it reconnects with the bridge and retracts it back on top of the tank. Then

The engineer had to think of way to easily have an M60 tank travel with the bridge on top and then be able to slowly yet time efficiently get it on the ground flatly. This will allow the military to cross rivers without boats, getting wet, or spending lots of time waiting. It can hold 60 tons of weight on the bridge at once, allowing for most armored vehicles to cross in a timely fashion.