sticker snoring solution


Isn’t it annoying when you start snoring at night and others get bothered form you. Of inserting something in your mouth or nose, the contraption simply adheres onto your cheeks, where it will be able to push on your jaw enough to keep your airways open once your muscles relax. As such, your body will be able to get all the air you need, eliminating the turbulence and vibration that creates that annoying snoring sound.

HOW DOES this relate to engineering— how it relates is that engineering  is mainly solving problems and this is a problem to be solved , this sticker will help the people that snore at night.

WHAT IS THIS?——-The Snorelax is a multi-layer sheet with a special adhesive on the bottom layer that adheres to the skin with enough grip to endure a full-night’s wear. It boasts a gentle and comfortable hold that’s suitable even for sensitive skin, all while pushing with enough force to keep the jaws from falling back and obstructing your airways. The top layer, by the way, is a fortifying micro-weave of 100 percent high-grade cotton that’s hypoallergenic and highly breathable to ensure all-night comfort, while the middle layer that provides structural support is a honeycomb weave that ensures the sheet holds its form no matter how much you move throughout the night.

HOW DOES IT WORK—the team behind Snorelax showed an MRI scan of the difference inn the air pathways of a snorer sleeping with the sticker it will help you airway so you can breath without snoring.