Hearing Aids

How They Work


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By: Nick Boukens, Journalist

Why do deaf and partially deaf people use hearing aids when they can’t hear as much? Hearing aids, for a simple definition, is that it amplifies the sound but that isn’t all. The 3 parts that are in all hearing aids would be a microphone, a sound amplifier, and a speaker. Not all hearing aids are the same. There are two different types of hearing aids, basic and advanced. Basic hearing aids are cheaper, manual, and have fewer features than advanced hearing aids. Some features would include feedback management, wind noise reduction, impulse noise reduction, digital noise reduction, and direction microphone systems. The advanced version has all of these as well as better feedback management, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone connectivity, hearing aid apps, and customized frequency response. That is not all that the advanced version does. The advanced hearing aids are more customizable providing more control and better quality sound to the user. Although advanced hearing aids have more parts they all gather sound from the environment through a microphone, then a computer chip, the amplifier will change those sounds into digital code. The code is then changed back into sound waves after being modified based on your hearing loss. Two examples would be increasing the sound and sound activity around the user. The sound waves are transmitted to the receiver, which will deliver it to the ears canals of the user. The price of hearing aids can vary from just under $1,000 to over $6,000 depending on the quality and type.

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