Devices For Passive Prosthetics

Source: Blue Planet Studio

By: Renik deJong , Journalist

Personalized Silicone Restorations

The transparent silicone gloves used to create these cosmetic prosthesis are painted by an artist to precisely match your skin tone, body hair, freckles, and other natural traits. Tattoos and other original artwork can also be added for even more individual expression. Prosthetic painters have extensive training in this distinctive and exacting style of painting.

Arm Dynamics patient working with multi-positional joints prosthesis

Various Joint Positions

Adding multi-positional joints in a passive prosthesis. the person wearing it can use there hand to put there shoulder, elbow, wrist or fingers to position them, which could make it easy to hold or carry things when it would otherwise be difficult. Prosthesis multi-positional fingers can bring back the capability to hold a loved ones hand or even just pick up a mug.

Titanium Titan Fingers

Titan fingers are a passive technology that makes it less difficult for an individual with a partial if not complete loss of a finger to hold or pick up things by being able to manually orient the fingers joint to the desired position. The Titan finger is a very durable Passive Prosthesis that is available in a multitude of sizes to fit the needs of every patient.


Point Digit Finger

The Point digit was made by Point Designs for people who have lost a finger or a portion of their hand. The Point digit is a strong, and expressing prosthesic finger that has a high-tech and futuristic metallic look. Point Digits are normally attached to a carbon fiber shell that has a soft silicone inner socket, that can replace up to four fingers on a singular hand! The user of the Point Digit positions the Prosthetic finger by pressing the finger tips against a hard surface to get the degree of flexion needed for the task at hand. Point Digit fingers can be covered with a custom silicone restoration so that they appear to be a real hand, and have the movements of a real hand.

Point Digit Mini