Tennis Ball Jar Opener



By: Halbert Nguyen

Have you ever trouble opening a jar? Well this article has the perfect solution for you. In this demonstration, this article shows you how you can slice a tennis ball in a way which allows you to open jars with ease.

This relates to engineering because you are modifying something to make it your own. This relates to the real world because it makes your life easier.

Here’s how it works, the inside of the tennis ball is made of rubber, and rubber has a lot of friction. We will cut through the tennis ball and extract the friction to be able to open the jar.

Materials – A knife or sharp object and Tennis ball

Step 1, Acquire a tennis ball

Step 2, Carefully puncture the tennis ball anywhere on the white line

Step 3, Continue slicing the tennis ball on the white line all the way around untill the ball splits in two

This method will fit most sizes of jars.

This relates to my groups project, skee ball machine, because a skee balls use balls and tennis balls are also balls


Creative Commons

Creative Commons