Levitating Flyte Bulb


These lights are not ordinary. They float 15-17mm in the air with no strings attached. The makers of Flyte specialize in the art of levitation and futuristic home accessories.

They have created levitating light bulbs, clocks, and floating plant holders. They use energy saving LED lights that last for about 11 years.

Set your light free here or watch the promotional video below.

The Flyte light bulb uses mechanical and electrical engineering because it uses magnetic and gravitational advancements to produce the levitation technology. The electrical engineering thinking is used when the creators had to figure out how to complete the electrical circuit without connecting wires to the light bulb.

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Set time free here.

This clock has a levitating metal ball as its “storyteller”

Set your plants free here.

The geometric plant pot holds plants in the air using magnetic levitation.